Sometimes putting together family photo outfit ideas can seem a little daunting. I've put together the below to give you a little inspiration to help make the process a little easier. As far as looking for a place to start, here are my top 5 tips for getting ready for your family photos.

Top 5 tips Choosing Your Family Photo Outfits

  1. Sometimes it's a little easier starting with the girls outfits, because we tend to wear vibrant colors a little more frequently than boys. I decide on 2 main complimentary colors I like. Once those are picked out, it makes it a little easier to fill in with more neutral colors, like whites, tans, subtle blues, and greys.
  2. I always lean toward pieces that are a little more solid in color, but have texture (something with lace, embroidery, a chunky sweater). You can definitely wear a print, but be selective and make sure you're not picking something too distracting. Sometimes prints can be a good bridge into tying the colors of everyone together, though, so get creative!
  3. Think about where your session will be. For example, if it is really green with long grasses, I'd probably shy away from green because you'll disappear into the background. The goal is to have you and your family kind of pop and stand out!
  4. Wear something you can move in. Know that you can wear something short, but it might restrict how you can be posed.
  5. Not really outfit related, but day before make sure you remove any old nail polish and/or repaint your nails. Trust me, it will show in pictures, so if you're going to run out of time, just use remover.