In the heart of downtown Omaha, Kaitlyn and Thomas celebrated their love in a art deco-inspired wedding at the timeless Vintage Ballroom. Despite the brisk October day, their intimate exchange of private vows set a warm and authentic tone for the entire day. The couple and their wedding party embraced the windswept day and braved the cold outside like troopers and we had SO much fun!

Choosing the historic Vintage Ballroom added an extra layer of timeless elegance to the celebration. The classic charm of the venue perfectly complemented the vintage and art deco-inspired theme. Kaitlyn's dress, a vision of lace and classic beauty, seamlessly fit the theme, embodying the timeless grace that characterized the entire event.

As their wedding photographer, I was so happy to have the privilege of documenting every magical moment for this special couple – from private vows to outdoor laughter. Cheers to Kaitlyn & Thomas and their timeless love story.