We embraced the spirit of Halloween with a witchy-themed maternity shoot at Omaha's Chalco Recreation Area! On a perfect overcast fall day, we weaved magic into every frame, capturing the momma's mystical glow amid the natural beauty of autumn.🌙📸🍂

Dressed in bewitching maternity attire, Amber embraced the spirit of the season with flair, turning Chalco Recreation Area into a haven of Halloween magic. Her and her daughter wore beautiful flower crowns she made herself. I brought a throne fit for a witchy queen, a spell book, and a cauldron for their little family to gather around.

For the gender reveal announcement, we decided to do spooky colored smoke overlays to reveal the gender... congratulations, it's a baby girl! 🎀👶

I plan on doing witchy sessions leading up to Halloween next year. If you'd like to be notified when I open up a shooting day for these, reach out on my contact page and mention you'd like to be put on the waitlist. 🎃🖤